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Our core focus is on building personal relationships with strategic partners in executing turn-key projects. We are not focused on run-of-the mill products. We are known for our ability to constantly shift the boundaries on niche products with high time constraints, difficult terrain and projects that are technically complex. We rise to every challenge. Raubex Infra is a division of The Raubex Group and offers multidisciplinary solutions in predominantly different operational divisions namely: Telecommunication | Electrical Fibre- Internal / External Roads | HDD Drilling Turnkey solutions.

Raubex offers a traceable track record with prominent institutions that operate in a large variety of industries. Our services offered are targeted at and tailored to suit the customer’s individual requirements and applications. Our performance is driven by uncompromising quality.


Horizontal Drilling utilizes an inclined Drilling Rig, drilling a small diameter pilot hole along a predetermined trajectory. Steering is activated by the Driller from information received from a transmitter in the Drill Head relative to a prepared trajectory.

This pilot hole is then up-sized by pulling back a series of reamers or whole openers until a suitable sized hole is created. This product line is then pulled into this “hole”.

These include:

- We have the ability to install underground cables, conduits and pipes.

- This method has low environmental impact, drilling in a predetermined shallow arc, driven from a surface launched drilling rig.

- It has a high degree of angular flexibility determined by the drilling rod diameter and the final trajectory.

- Designed to suit the line pipe.

- It can achieve almost one hundred percent utilization.


Raubex Infra is able to undertake every aspect of work relating to fibre installation including network builds, installation, termination and test and commissioning through to maintenance. We have an in-depth knowledge of both internal and external fibre networks.
These include :

- Intercity Networks Metro, Area Networks, Access Networks ,

- DWDM, SDH and SONET Solutions,

- Ftth (Fibre to the home) networks (G-PON),

- Fusion Splicing,

- Direct Termination,

- OTDR Testing,

- Installation and Commissioning of network,

- Design and installation of fibre optic network,

- Upgrading and refurbishing of existing cable Infrastructure


- Site Surveys

- Manholes, Micro ducting

- Directional Bore

- Trenching

- System Integration

- Micro Trenching

- Intelligent and effective Duct Systems for Metro and Access Networks

- Direct Burial Solutions

- Smart Highway Communications

- Duct and Chamber Systems for Intercity Networks



We successfully install Fibre Optics in all areas where conventional trenching is required, including Metro Areas.

- Long Haul Metro Trenching | Micro Trenching  | Outside/Inside Plant Engineering Trenching


- Civil and Electrical Construction

- Tower Erection

- Equipment Installation, Testing and Commissioning

- Quality Assurance and OHASA Standards


We are the operator of choice in this specialised discipline across Africa.

Direct lay causes minimal disruption to the ground’s geological structure, it offers a significant reduction in time, money and risk for the client and contractor. Added to this, as it cuts, installs and back-fills all in one operation. The direct lay plough method eliminates any risk of trench-collapse and associated health and safety concerns.

Raubex Infra is one of the few companies in the world that has its own machines and equipment for direct laying. The most significant advantage of the direct lay is its low impact on the environment.

The direct lay is an efficient way of cutting a narrow slit into the soil that causes only minimum disturbance to the land. Whilst traditional methods require a sizable trench to be dug and then refilled. With only a narrow cut into the ground, there is little damage and therefore no structural changes to the geological formation of the earth.

The unique design of the combined blade and guidance system means that pipes and cables are laid exactly in accordance to regulations. In fact, inspections have proved that installations carried out by the direct lay are of better and more uniform quality than that of open trench methods.

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